SuiteOS Rescue your team from chaos.

Engineered with the insights gathered from my previous clients, SuiteOS provides teams and managers with a comprehensive Notion template designed to streamline operations, communication, and collaboration.

Effortlessly manage tasks and projects.

Creating new clients, assigning tasks to team members, and reviewing the latest meeting notes are just a few clicks away. Each database offers a wide range of views to choose from and is equipped with predefined filters to simplify your experience.

No more lost documents.

Store all your Meeting Notes, SOPs, Reports, Documents, and Collections in one place for easy retrieval and use templates to speed up your workflow.

Detailed documentation to get you started.

SuiteOS comes with documentation that covers everything from initial setup to Notion's framework and collaboration guides. You'll also find handy keyboard shortcuts, a step-by-step tutorial with exercises for beginners, and a maintenance checklist to keep your workspace optimized.

Personal Page

A one-page dashboard that displays all your tasks, projects, meetings, and clients.

Customizability at its core.

Your workspace, your rules.

Notion's flexibility gives you the power to scale SuiteOS as your business grows, and with over 70 integrations, you can connect all your apps to Notion for seamless operation.


Make working hard feel like hardly working.

Probably the last operating system you'll ever need.

Jam-packed with features.

Create. Collaborate. Celebrate. It's all in SuiteOS.

70 Hours saved

Spend your time on revenue-increasing activities.

Centralized information

All your data stored in one place.


Save dollars on multiple subscriptions.

Perfect for remote teams

Collaborate all over the world.

Pay once, yours forever.

No subscriptions. No hidden fees.



• 25 Dashboards

• 80+ Filtered views

• Workspace onboarding

• Notion fundamentals

• Maintenance checklist




• 25 Dashboards

• 80+ Filtered views

• Workspace onboarding

• Notion fundamentals

• Maintenance checklist

• 30+ Additional templates

• Priority email support

• Access to future versions




A 45-minute meeting where I will answer your Notion and SuiteOS questions. I'll also provide personalized advice on best practices for implementing Notion or SuiteOS into your tech stack. This meeting can be bought without buying any of the SuiteOS packages.

Looking for a custom solution?

You're probably looking for a custom implementation.

My Story

Hello, I'm Amine, the mind behind turning disorder into sleek efficiency. Let me take you on a quick journey of how my passion for organizing with Notion came to life.

Back in high school, I hit a point where keeping up with academics felt like juggling chaos. Online or offline, I scoured for a system to bring order. It wasn't until I stumbled upon Notion through my favorite YouTuber, Ali Abdaal, that things clicked. A gap later, in 2019, I committed to organizing my life with Notion's prowess. It was a game-changer – mental peace through meticulous planning.

Now, I'm all about businesses streamlining operations without the baggage of extra staff or subscriptions. My perfectionism ensures every client gets a personalized solution. Transparency is non-negotiable, and I continue to expand my Notion expertise to make life smoother for others.


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